3 Key Concepts:



Expose youth to new concepts, experiences, cultures and opportunities



Teach youth how to be leaders and agents of change



Encourage youth to take action toward solving societal challenges and making a positive global impact




A multi week program that develops youth into global citizens and servant leaders.

First, participants are introduced to concepts such as global citizenship and global sustainable development goals. Being exposed to these concepts helps them reevaluate how they define community and become more tolerant of diversity and inclusion.

Next, youth participate in virtual culture exchanges with students abroad to truly foster cultural understanding and help them relate to people from diverse backgrounds.

Lastly, youth are taught leadership skills such as problem solving and public speaking and then challenged to practically apply these skills to help their local or global community. During this portion of the program, the youth identify a societal issue and then lead a service learning (community service) project related to that issue.




By the end of the program, students will have 1) Learned fundamental research skills used to identify issues. 2) Applied a problem solving protocol to address an issue that their community is suffering from. 3) Been exposed to the idea of global citizenship, global issues and global sustainable development goals 4) Encouraged to view themselves as global citizens who appreciate diversity, display cultural tolerance and embrace an anti-bullying mentality. 5) Learned and applied leadership techniques that allow them to implement tangible actions toward solving a problem 6) Used a collaborative teamwork approach to combat a problem 7) Learned presentation skills necessary for success in today’s world. 



Ultimately, the Global Leadership Youth Program provides participants with a diverse set of skills that enable them to develop personally while giving back to their communities and helping foster a more equitable world.


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