“Soaring” does not end with personal achievement;
It ends with sustainability.

The Global Leadership Program is a 3-day program that makes “soaring” sustainable by connecting Season to Soar’s aid recipients with opportunities to help others achieve success. It encourages recipients to help others, just as they have been helped.

Participants are able to gain practical experience working within their areas of interest, expand their skill sets and exhibit leadership, all while making a positive impact.

What to Expect:

Day 1
Participants attend workshops, group assemblies and guidance meetings designed to reiterate the importance of humanitarianism, identify their strengths and align their strengths with relevant opportunities to uplift others.

Day 2
Participants go out and do field work in an area that they choose to volunteer or provide support in.

Day 3
Participants unite to enjoy food, music and networking as they recap the program and identify ways to continue accelerating their humanitarianism efforts