The George Floyd Incident & Season to Soar


I write this note from a very personal place. I held my black son tightly and cried over the circumstances surrounding Geroge Floyd’s death. Unfortunately, this situation was not a shock, it was just a reminder. It was a brutal reminder of the bleak realities that my son will have to face, simply because he was born black in America and a brutal reminder of the realities that many members of my community face every day. Institutional oppression is at the heart of this. Helping dismantle this form of inequality is my life’s passion and the reason why Season to Soar was formed.

I could fill this page with personal anecdotes of injustice that I’ve experienced or witnessed, so I understand the rage that my community feels and I feel it too. I choose to channel that sadness and rage into productivity and positivity. Season to Soar provides a direct opportunity to do that. It serves as a vehicle to help me uplift underserved communities who suffer from these grave injustices. My role at Season to Soar is more than a career, it is a powerful tool that I use to practice my civic responsibility. Similarly, I invite you to view it as more than just a volunteer opportunity, or a cause to support but instead as tool for you to use to also practice your civic responsibility.

Only you know your personal capacity. If you can proudly say, as I can, that you are maximizing your potential to give back, then I want to sincerely thank you. Your contribution makes a difference. If you feel that you can contribute more, or do more without overwhelming your other responsibilities, time constraints or financial capacity, then I challenge you to do more. Dedicate more time to the work, make a larger financial contribution, be more present, deepen your level of engagement. Our community needs it.

When inequality within the education system, criminal justice system, housing system and healthcare system tells underserved black and brown communities that they don’t matter, our collective contribution to this work shows them that they do matter! Our Soar Pack School Supplies shows them that their education matters. Our COVID-19 Care Packs shows them that their health matters. Our Global Leadership Youth Program shows them that their voice matters.

A true leader brings people together.

Today’s challenging circumstances were caused by generations of oppression and it will take generations of civic leaders to resolve it.

Let’s continue creating programming that develops true leaders and let’s continue serving as examples of true leadership for them.



Kymbria Young

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