Season to Soar is a non-profit organization that provides resources and opportunities to underserved communities

Here at Season to Soar, we strive to provide support to individuals who suffer from social and economic injustice, fosters cultural exchange and understanding, and creates resources for the disenfranchised.

Our Mission

To uplift underserved communities by providing leadership training, fostering global citizenship, and distributing essential resources.

Our Declaration

Humanity is faced with a plight, so we have united to put up a fight. Season to Soar is a non-profit organization that combats social and economic factors that hinder communities. We uplift and create opportunities for disadvantaged groups across literal and figurative boundaries. Our areas of focus include but are not limited to poverty, education, institutionalized systems of oppression, and crisis situations. Season to Soar breaks boundaries, builds communities, and empowers the world by putting the disenfranchised first and facilitating global humanitarianism.


  • More than 200 youth have participated in Season to Soar’s Virtual Exchanges
  • 3 different continents have been the focus of fostering conversation and connections between youth
  • 60 youth in Chicago have participated in our Global Leadership Youth Program
  • 60 Chicago-area youth have tackled community challenges through service learning projects

Learn more about our community involvement programs here or more about Season to Soar here!

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